Dear Fellow Dreamer:

I am an author and illustrator living Columbus, Ohio and publish with Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, and MacMillan. I also travel the country speaking to kids and adults about positivity, being yourself, kindness, and the power of the unicorn. 


I write books I wished I had when I was a kid.  Books that say it’s ok to be different–in fact that’s what makes you cool!

I hope to provide some levity to what can be a very difficult time. 


I feel it’s extremely important to provide kids competencies that can serve them while growing up in a social media world. Skills rooted in kindness, inclusion, empathy, and self empowerment. It’s my job as a storyteller to encourage kids to embrace their inner “weirdness” and be brave in who and what they want to be. It’s equally important to be honest with kids and let them know it’s not easy, pain and bad days are completely normal, they aren’t alone, and the “weird” ones are the ones who change the world. 

So that’s why I always say,“BE THE UNICORN!”

Thank you for your time :) 



"Be the weird you want to see in the world" is a quote I repeat daily thanks to Jason Tharp.  The message was so inspiring.  Since his visit, I have seen students begin to take pride in and embrace the things that make them different.  It was refreshing to see that level of passion about accepting yourself as you are and never giving up on your dreams.   Thank you for delivering this message in a way that was captivating and engaging for ALL students and staff.  Your enthusiasm was palpable!”


~ Bridget Adelsberger, Library Media Specialist, Liberty Tree Elementary

“Students at Glen Oak were so excited to see Jason presenting at the school after reading his books and watching his drawing videos.  His positive message of embracing who you are and following your dreams has helped all students to branch out and feel more comfortable being creative and weird!  Jason took the time to individually sign and draw in students’ books during the day, and even stayed late to make drawings for students in our after school program.  It was clear that he truly cared about making a difference for our students.”


~Jenna Magyar, Art Teacher, Glen Oak Elementary

"Jason spent a week in our school district creating an atmosphere of wonder and acceptance along with teaching our kids how to draw some pretty cool stuff!  He visited us in early fall and we have been building on his message ever since.  He really got our kids thinking about accepting others, and just as important, accepting themselves.  Be kind, dream big, and never let anyone steal your dreams!  We can’t wait for the next chance we have to bring Jason back!"

~Jason Hillman, Principal, Parkside Elementary

"Jason traveled to the wonderful mountains of northwest Wyoming and engaged our k-5 students in inspirational and creative story telling, dialogue, and kept them all actively drawing and illustrating! His focus on students living in their "weirdness" and embracing their creative spirit was from the heart. Jason has that "it" factor that kids love and he loves kids!

~Scott Schiller, Principal, Southside Elementary School, Powell, WY

“Westside Elementary staff and students loved Jason Tharp!  He delivered a highly engaging and fun presentation that built our students’ confidence and sent an inspiring message of “Be Yourself".  Thanks to Jason and his story, our students believe they can achieve their dreams.”

~ Angie Woyak, Principal, Westside Elementary

"Jason Tharp's school visit to Tyler Run was wonderful.  The students were fully engaged and excited about their creations.  His emphasis on individual creativity and power of choice was inspirational to our young artists."

~Juli (Kitsmiller) Parrish, Tyler Run Elementary


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