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Five years ago, I wanted to be an author and illustrator more than anything. It was a dream from the time I was six years old. The problem was that, while I’d taught myself to draw and made money as an illustrator, I hadn’t written anything, ever!” So when I was almost bankrupt, with $130 to my name and my house on the verge of foreclosure, I choose to be a kid again and try to make my dream happen. 

Now, I write the books I wished I had when I was a kid. Books that say it’s okay to be different—in fact, being different is what makes you cool! It’s my mission to help kids find the magic in their story.

It’s important to provide kids core competencies for growing up in a social media world, skills rooted in kindness, inclusion, empathy, and self-empowerment. It’s my job as a storyteller to encourage kids to embrace their inner “weirdness” and be brave about who they want to be. It’s equally important to be honest with kids and let them know it’s difficult—pain and bad days are normal—but they aren’t alone. And I’m proof that you can feel “weird” and unable to accomplish your dreams—but being “weird” and working hard can make it happen!

In the few short years since beginning to write I've published multiple children's book series with Scholastic, Simon and Schuster, MacMillian, and a few other strategic partners. I also love traveling the country talking to both kids and adults, consults with leaders, and leads groups to achieve individual growth.

I'm on a mission to encourage the world to "Be The Weird They Want To See In The World!" lead by kindness and love for ourselves and others.


Not all who WONDER are lost!

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