Before Jason Tharp became an author, illustrator, and inspiring speaker, he had developed some pretty serious survival instincts. Surviving extreme bullying, naysayers, losing passion for his job, and even survived eating his feelings of loneliness to gain over one hundred and fifty pounds–topping out near 400lbs.


Jason thought he was doing a great job of "surviving" until one day he realized he had treated himself like a punching bag. He'd been busy chasing other people's dreams, was broke and on the edge of bankruptcy, and complete unhappy. He decided right then and there that just surviving wasn't his mission in life–he had to change! He asked himself one simple question, "I wonder if everything I've been telling myself was complete B.S.?" He knew it was time to rewrite the stories he told himself.

In the few short years since rewriting his story Jason has published multiple children's book series with Scholastic, has multi-books series releasing soon with Simon and Schuster, MacMillian, and a few other strategic partners. In addition to being a published author and illustrator, Jason travels the country talking to both kids and adults, consults with leaders, and leads groups to achieve individual growth.

He's on a mission to encourage the world to "Be the weird they want to see in the world" lead by kindness and love for ourselves and others.


Proving that not all who WONDER are lost!


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